Maintenance & Weather Stripping

The garage doors you use daily, sometimes even more than once a day can give you and your assets protection. Also, it enhances the beauty and the style of your home. It may not be your priority, but it is necessary to keep them well-maintained. Not only that, it will lessen the cost of your energy bill if you would install the appropriate weather stripping it needs. Call your best garage door specialist – Allegiant Garage Door Repair at 414-253-3634 to discuss this to you. Expect our team to be at your areas at the exact time of scheduled appointment or earlier than that.


Allegiant Garage Door Service is a company in Franklin, WI providing world-class services and quality products. If you are considering hiring a specialist on garage door maintenance and weather stripping, Allegiant Garage Door Repair is the name you can always trust. Over the years of serving the city of Franklin, we have already a better understanding of how garage doors are necessary to be well-maintained and installed with weather stripping in this area. This is because extreme weather can cause the mechanical parts of your garage door to be broken, stuck and rusted. When it happens, it might already be hard for you to operate your garage door. That is the reasons why you need a garage door maintenance & weather stripping installed from the first day you have your garage door installed.

Allegiant Garage Door Repair is the local’s best garage door maintenance and weather stripping provider. We have a team of residential and commercial garage door technicians who have the ability and credibility to handle whatever types and kinds of garage doors in Franklin you have. As the company which has the name and reputation to carry, we ensure that every person we are going to hire are trained for months before letting them perform in the field to work efficiently and not let us down. If you want the kind of service that is world class, then choose Allegiant Garage Door Repair. For the quality products that last longer than others, get it from us, we guarantee everything we offer here is made up of good materials and are very durable.


At Allegiant Garage Door Repair, we value our clients’ money. We will not waste your payment in worthless services and products. For that, we offer our maintenance service and weather stripping at a competitive price. When you call us, our customer service representative will answer all the questions you have about our service and will even offer you amazing deals. They will speak to you in a professional manner. That is the reason why you can also ask them about the promos and discounts. Hurry, call Allegiant Garage Door today!


It is our pleasure to serve the people of Franklin, WI as we offer to them our 24-hour emergency garage door service. If you want to book an appointment for your maintenance and weather stripping needs or you have further inquiries about our services, please give us a call at 414-253-3634. Our technicians will come to you wherever you are in the area of Franklin. Your most desired maintenance and weather stripping services will be provided by our team.